Karate Easter Egg Hunt


Last night at Gavin’s Karate class, the instructor held an outdoor Easter egg hunt for the kids. It was pretty epic.

The two kids classes were combined for the event (the Lil’ Dragons, ages 4-6 and the Kids class, ages 7-11) and each of the older kids was assigned a younger kid to keep an eye one (basically, make sure they’re following instructions and not falling into the creek that runs alongside the property).

I am always amazed at the instructor’s ability to keep so many kids in line – with few exceptions, all the kids, even the smallest, follow her instructions with a “yes, m’aam!” For last night’s class/egg hunt, she had them gather in a circle and do one small activity (5 push-ups, or 5 jumping jacks) and then would assign them a specific Easter egg task: go find a large egg; go find a sparkly egg; go find one yellow egg, and so on. Then they would all gather back inΒ the circle before doing another activity and being assigned another task.

There are days where the demands of work make it really hard to get Gavin to his class, and I think we may need to take a break from it for the summer months, because there is just so much else going on, but overall I think it is good for him to participate in this. The structure and discipline that a karate class – or even his preschool classes, for that matter – can provide is something that I frankly just do not have the time or energy to replicate at home. My kids have little chores and responsibilities at home (Gavin is a great vacuumer and is always helpful with putting laundry away – Scout is still pretty small, but even she enjoys feeding the chickens, throwing dirty laundry down the laundry chute; they both love helping me make dinner) but for the most part, their home life is pretty chill, with not a lot of demands. While that’s how I want their childhood to be (I mean, when will you ever have another chance to have a chill existence with minimal demands placed on you?) I think it’s also good to have a counterpoint to that, and experience environments where there are different types of expectations. Also, they get to have new experiences: last night was literally Gavin’s first Easter egg hunt (we don’t celebrate the holiday at home so he only knew of the practice in theory). He was pretty stoked about it. πŸ™‚



2 thoughts on “Karate Easter Egg Hunt

  1. I have always been a firm believer in small children having an outside existance that minimally involves parents, be it pre-school or an activity such as this. I think it fosters independence and a knowlege of a world outside of home. Sounds like Gavin has a perfect balance.😊
    Also, when I signed up as a follower I thought my gmail screwed up and I tried again with a yahoo account that I have and it worked. Except now I see that I am following using both accounts because I am a Neanderthal and cannot do the interwebs. Duh.πŸ˜‘


    1. Haha!! So you’re getting a double whammy of Kelly. πŸ˜‰ I agree, I want my kids to have experiences other than what I can personally provide – also, I think it’s good for them to learn to how to interact with different types of leadership personalities, and personalities generally. When they’re at home, I’m the one in charge (or daddy, depending on the day πŸ˜‰ – when they’re at school or class, they know who they need to listen to, and who to go to for help. I want them to know how to function in the world when I’m not around.


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