Rainbows and Toots

Gavin and his sweet new K’nex car
Gavin from time to time comes home from school and mentions that some of the other boys were “playing guns” with sticks or whatever (which the teachers at the school shut down pretty quickly – Gavin also mentions that). My response when the subject of guns comes up, or if we see one in a movie, is, “We don’t use guns to shoot people. Guns kill people and make them dead forever. The only guns we’re allowed to play are pretend ones that shoot rainbows and toots” (it was just something ridiculous I came up with when put on the spot one day – it stuck).

Today is Gavin’s at-home day, and while I was working upstairs he was working diligently on building a new K’nex car for me (he makes me the best things). When he was all done, he called out, “Mom, I’m done!” and he proudly showed me his super cool new car that he made all by himself (“without getting frustrated!” he said – it’s something we’ve been working on). He also showed me the two “shooters” that the car has installed on either side – then he looked up and said very solemnly, “but they only shoot rainbows and toots.”

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