I first heard about Manito Park last fall, in a local mom’s group. It was recommended as one of the most beautiful spots in Spokane, and good for kids. The pictures of the place are gorgeous, and it’s huge; 90 acres of gardens (a rose garden, Japanese garden, and lilac garden), gazebos, and two separate playgrounds. I was so excited to check it out – then winter hit, with its crappy cold temperatures, and we just never made it (also, it’s over an hour drive from our house, so not exactly on the way to anything).

We finally went yesterday, and even though spring is still trying to take hold in the Inland NW (tiny buds were just starting to come out on the trees), it was still breathtaking.

As soon as we got there, the kids jumped out of the car and ran pell-mell through the trees (heaven knows we don’t have any of those at our house, but I guess these trees were DIFFERENT and very exciting) and then down to the south playground, which is brand new and has a super-cool climbing area; one spot for little kids, another spot for bigger kids and a bridge connecting the two. The kids climbed and climbed until they couldn’t climb anymore. We played catch for a little while, and then Gavin took a break to go play in the dirt, with sticks and rocks in his imaginary “house” under a small bush. (I would find out later he went there to poop, but that’s a different story). The sun was shining and it was warmish (55 degrees, I’ll take it over 20 any day). I can’t wait to go back once everything is in bloom – and when Bradley can come and help me watch so the kids don’t fall off one of the many rock cliffs in the park, which Scout seemed dead set on tumbling over.
















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