Nothing says love like a hotdog on a stick

Hotdogs + chopsticks = a meal my kids will actually eat.

When my children were little(r), I was obsessed with not feeding them any processed food. When I went back to work and needed to supplement breastfeeding, I made homemade formula with goats milk, coconut oil and maple syrup. I hand-puréed their baby food. I made homemade apple and pear sauces from organic fruit I picked myself. I made homemade chicken nuggets (they were amazing – my husband still asks for them). I still bake them homemade bread for their PB&J’s. I love making food from scratch. I always will. And maybe someday my kids will appreciate it.

But over the years, as my compost bin has grown ever fuller from all the food waste, and my days seem to be getting shorter thanks to increased home and work responsibilities, dinner has ultimately been reduced to “what will a 2 and 4 year old be guaranteed to consume?”

Voila, kids, dinner is served.

2 thoughts on “Nothing says love like a hotdog on a stick

  1. My kids are extremely picky eaters. So much food has gone to waste around my house too attempting ‘healthy meals.’ I do make dinners because I like to eat them myself, but my kids will refuse to eat. The whole, eat this or eat nothing battle…well Im on the losing end. Oftentimes, to save money and limit waste. I just accomadate their ideal meal. Which sounds similar to your hot dog on a stick


    1. Same – I’ve definitely learned to pick my battles over the years, and food is just not something I am willing to fight about. My husband and I usually make a late dinner together once the kids are in bed (our only “down” time). We’re both foodies so we enjoy make good meals together. I was so disappointed when my babies (who would eat ANYTHING – salmon, wild rice, hummus, you name it) turned into toddlers and became picky as all get out. 😦 I swore it wouldn’t happen to me. . . they still eat lots of healthy stuff, oranges, apples and bananas, broccoli and peas. But yeah, otherwise, it’s string cheese, mac and cheese and hot dogs. I keep telling myself they’ll grow out of it – in the meantime, my only rule about mealtimes is you have to try one bite. If you try it and hate it, fine. But you have to try one bite. Hoping that with time their palates will grow to love all the things my husband and I enjoy (or at least something more than mac and cheese). 🙂 (Oh, and yeah – when my husband is traveling or stuck late at work, I often find myself scarfing down whatever the kids are eating – or worse, their leftovers. Hahaha!)


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