Snow in April

You know what sucks?

When – after a long, cold, snowy winter – spring finally arrives, just to be snatched out of your hands again.

The snow finally melts, just to be replaced with – you guessed it – more snow.

That is what this April has been so far. Things were finally warming up (like to 40), then this morning, we woke up to snow. Yesterday, it was snowing, hailing, and raining ALL AT THE SAME TIME. What is that?! Is that a real thing?

In Eastern Washington, apparently it is.

Maybe “sucks” is too strong a word. But it’s definitely disappointing.

While we wait for the snow to melt (again) and for the temps to rise (again), we plant: we plant container after container of starts, that will go into the garden once the fear of hard frost is past (that’s end of May for us).

Over the past few weeks, we’ve put hundreds of tiny tomato, squash, pepper, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, okra, bean and pea seeds into little pots of soil. We’ve watered and tended and waited for them to grow. And they’re finally coming up!

The greenhouse is full of vegetable starts, just gathering enough strength and gaining enough momentum to ultimately be put out in the massive 75×75 plot of dirt we lovingly refer to as the Meadow Garden (as opposed to the Kitchen Garden, which will go in this year and consist of raised beds full of herbs and salad greens).

The Meadow Garden is for large crops: potatoes and kale, arugula and beets, collards and beans, garlic and onions, Brussels sprouts and peas, and more winter squashes (kobucha, spaghetti, butternut) than our laundry room-cum-root cellar (that felt odd to say) can really even hold.

And hopefully some tomatoes: last year, our tomatoes were a sad, sad case. Garden-fresh, vine-ripe tomatoes are the one thing I look forward to every year. I won’t touch the pink, mealy imposters found in the grocery store vegetable aisle. They don’t hold a candle to the real thing. Our soil apparently doesn’t have sufficient magnesium to support a healthy tomato crop, so this year we will do a lot of supplementing the soil as we plant, so we can grow healthy plants, as opposed to the spindly pathetic ones that so eerily haunted our garden last summer. Llama poop and espsom salts are among  the prescribed antidotes for magnesium-poor soil, and we have stockpiles at the ready.

In the meantime, we wait.

Wait for warmth, wait for sun, wait for longer days to come.

This morning’s view at the homestead. I may have cried a little.
Rooting for these little tomatoes!
Pepper plants coming up, too.
Our tiny greenhouse (with Meadow Garden in background). It’s not pretty but it does the job (mostly).
Some intrepid – and unidentified – bulbs coming up. My husband can’t remember what he planted, but he assures me they’re “exotic,” whatever that means. 😀

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