The Hike

We live out in a remote part of Northeastern Washington state, on a quiet 20 acres close to absolutely nothing. It’s beautiful, and peaceful.

Field of wild lupine behind our chicken coop

I work from home and the view from my office window is pine trees, meadow grass, and our massive garden plot.

But still, sometimes I need to push away from the computer, turn off the phone, and get away from everything.

I am so lucky, in those moments, that right across from our property is a path that leads to the perfect escape: behind our neighbor’s property is approximately 150 acres of open land. 90 acres is owned by a local paper company and another 60 is owned by some random couple in California who apparently purchased it sight unseen and then later realized they had no ingress, so it just lays unused. Which is fine by me.

I throw a water bottle and cell phone (though I won’t have reception) in my backpack, and strap on a large bell and a container of bear spray (there have been many bear sightings in our area, and I’m not taking any chances).

It only takes me about 30 minutes to scale up the hill, get to the top of the peak, breathe in the pure, fresh, pine-laced air and get a sweeping view of the valley below (where our house lays).

The Hike – there’s a road down there somewhere, way off in the distance
Bear (aka “Barry Barry”) is a great hiking companion

In those moments  – when I’m on top of that hill, with no sound except the wind cutting through the trees, with no company except my dog and the odd jackrabbit who crosses our path, or the hawk that screeches from the sky, with no visual stimulation except the beauty of nature and the occasional pile of elk poop – in those moments, everything seems perfect.

I come back sweaty and recharged. Refreshed and invigorated. Ready to take on whatever life brings me.

I am so grateful to have access to such a wonderful retreat, just steps from my doorway.

Favorite view on earth ❤

7 thoughts on “The Hike

  1. What a wonderful place to live in. I love hiking and back in UK it was mainly round the Scotish Highlands, the Lake District the the Peak District. Tony used to climb near his hometown along the Transylvanian Alps. His brother is a mountain runner and his late father used to track up to a cabin out of communist prying eyes, to listen to radio channels from the West ‘re politics etc. Very risky but he was an adventurer. My husband is too. So much so we sometimes wonder if America could be a future home. Who knows. I love the homesteader enthusiasm you have that in UK we have lost. In France everyone grows veg and has poultry but they lack the passion behind it. And they don’t craft like you do. First stop when I get home..heading for our hills. Not so grand as yours but anything higher than a puddle I’d my bag!

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    1. “Anything higher than a puddle” 😂 love it! Yes there are definitely pockets of the “DIY” spirit here in the US – although there are also sweeping stretches of laziness and apathy, so I think it’s chronic everywhere. 😦 My husband and i are both active too – he was a mountain climber and I was a dragon boat paddler and we have been trying to retain some sort of outdoorsy spirit with the kids. We hiked and camped a lot when our first was tiny but it has become harder over the past few years. I love finding hikes they can do with us, on their little legs, and this hike is perfect for them. Just long enough to wear them out but not so long they are whining they entire time 😉


    1. It is the best, isn’t it? No better way to clear your head, heal your heart, and renew your energy. ❤ ❤ In Portland there was this amazing park – right in the city – called Forest Park. "5,200 acres of Urban Forest" and it was simply amazing. You didn't have to hike in very far, before the din of traffic and humans died down and everything was quiet and still. I hope you can find a place that offers that to you. I think it's critical for our well-being! ❤


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