It’s Fricking Freezing, Mr. Bigglesworth!

Sorry, I’m a product of the 90’s, I can’t even help myself.

But seriously, it’s really damn cold here.

This morning we woke up to a foggy, chilly Monday morning, complete with a seemingly half-hearted almost-rainbow. It’s like it wanted to be a rainbow, but couldn’t quite summon the energy.

I haven’t had to turn the heat on in June since, well, since we lived in Portland.

See, Portland, Oregon has this phenomenon known as “second winter.” This is when, after a beautiful, glorious introduction to spring, with its lovely warmer temps, the weather inexplicably takes a turn, mid-June, and reverts to winter again. This phenomenon is known as “Juneuary.”

I didn’t know that Juneuary was a thing outside of Portland and it’s unique climate.

But here I am, east of the Cascades in eastern Washington, having to wear wool socks and turn on the heat because, well, it’s fricking freezing.

The daytime temps are still creeping up into the 60’s and 70’s but it’s been dipping below 40 at night: We are bracing for a frost tonight, which will be disastrous for the tomato, pepper and onion starts that are just getting going in the garden.

So this afternoon we will prepare – we have a small stockpile of frost blankets that we will use to protect the more delicate plants from frost damage. The more cold-hardy plants like kale and cabbage may be ok, but we’ll try to get those protected as best we can anyway.

We’ll get the chickens some extra insulation in their temporary shelter (my husband is still finishing the actual coop – it’s like he’s building a tiny house, I swear).

Then I will fix myself a hot toddy, throw a log in the roaring woodstove and hunker down for a crisp, cold, Juneuary night.

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