New Faces on the Homestead

One year ago, my mom (“Nana ‘Toria”) and her partner (“Nana Steph,” aka “Nana Banana” as lovingly dubbed by the kids because she once said she likes bananas, and it stuck) came to visit us on the homestead.

They were living in North Carolina at the time, but during their visit they fell in love with the property, the garden, the peaceful atmosphere at the homestead – and the Inland NW as a whole. At one point, the subject of them moving out here came up (I think it was basically me shouting “you should move here!!”) and we’ve spent the past year discussing the plan of them coming out to join us at Moose Poop Acres (my husband hates my unofficial title for our property, which makes me use it all the more).

With 20 acres, a large house, and a separate shop that we’ve often talked about converting into guest quarters, there’s plenty of room for everyone here at the Moose Poop Inn (which is what I’m going to call our house now).

So a few weeks ago, after a year of planning, Nana ‘Toria and Nana Banana packed up a rental truck with their belongings and hauled everything cross-country to come join us.

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks with everyone getting settled in, celebrating two birthdays (Mom and Steph both have birthdays in September), and hustling to finish the chicken coop before the rains come, on top of the usual homestead chores, childcare responsibilities, and day job stuff (more on that later). But the dust has settled and I am overwhelmed with the joy of having such wonderful people join us in our homesteading efforts.

Not only do the Nanas (as we call them collectively) truly enjoy everything homesteading – tending the garden, harvesting and processing the crops, caring for the chickens, building and repairs – but at the end of the day, there are few people I’d rather sit and enjoy a glass of wine with.

We are so fortunate.

Last weekend the Nanas and I took the kids out to the Scenic Pend Oreille River Train in Newport. The open rail cars, rolling along the beautiful Pend Oreille River, underneath a canopy of trees, was everything I could have imagined it to be. So beautiful and so much fun!

Here are a few pics:

Gavin and Nana Steph (Nana Banana) cheesing it up.
Gavin, Banana and Nana ‘Toria – with trees whizzing by in the background
Scout basically just smiled – and screamed with excitement – the entire trip
Looking for bald eagles
The peaceful Pend Oreille River (pend oreille means “ear hanging” in French, a reference to the large shell earrings worn by the Kalispel, or Pend d’Oreille, native Americans encountered by French fur traders).

As a side note, I was really hoping to get a nice shot of our extended family out in front of Moose Poop Inn to go along with this post, but life rarely works out the way we plan, and we simply have not had the time – or all been in the same place at once – to do so.

In the meantime, I wanted to share my joy at having my mom and her amazing partner here. I am so overwhelmed with gratitude.

The other night I was in the kitchen, listening to a chill Spotify playlist and making dinner, and I could hear my children’s laughter as they played ball with the Nanas, while their daddy was down planting some new elderberry bushes in the meadow and the dog was herding chickens in the front yard. And I just thought, “life is good. Life is very, very good.”

And I watched the sun set low behind the hill, and I felt grateful.

2 thoughts on “New Faces on the Homestead

  1. I know you have been terribly busy and I was afraid you had to abandon your diary. What a wonderdul development to have family close now. This will enrich the kids’ lives so much. Yay for new adventures!

    Liked by 1 person

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