Closing the 2018 Gardening Season

It’s officially fall, and our garden has been slowly closing down.

The peppers have been harvested, the swiss chard chopped, blanched and bagged for the deep freezer, the broccoli is in flower, the turnips and mustard greens have long since gone to seed. Everything is wild and unkempt (my favorite).

We won’t till anything under until next spring – the bees love to buzz about in all the blooms.

This past weekend was the last big push of the season: potatoes and onions, and the last of the beets. A gigantic haul! (Can you tell our garage is a busy place? 30% workshop, 30% storage, 30% root vegetable sorting area. 100% mess.)

What to do with all this bounty? Fortunately, on Saturday Bradley drove the pickup out to Sandpoint, Idaho to retrieve our most recent craigslist find, a massive commercial refrigerator with plenty of space for all our root vegetables.

We’ve tried, unsuccessfully, in the past to establish a root cellar in our daylight basement but it just gets too warm to really preserve the vegetables. Our new, high capacity Continental fridge should do the trick. Plenty of room for all the beets, onions and taters our garden can crank out!

After finally getting this gigantic (and heavy!) refrigerator unloaded from the pickup (no small feat, even with a steel-enforced plywood ramp and Nana Steph belaying the weight off the front of the truck with mountain climbing gear – I wish we could’ve gotten a pic of that amazing scene but we were all too busy trying to not die). Here are some pics from after we all survived and the fridge was safely installed in the garage:

We are all super happy that nobody was crushed by the weight of this thing. And even happier to have enough storage, along with our upright deep freezer and chest freezer, for everything we’ve processed this year.

Back to the garden.

Harvesting all the vegetables was a family affair. The Nanas, Bradley, the kids and I all pitched in to dig potatoes, pull up beets and yank out onions. We love this time of year!!

Even though we also grow squash and pumpkins in our patch, it’s also fun to venture out to the local farms to enjoy the fall activities and bring back some pumpkins for jack-o-lantern making.

This year we visited the Harvest House at Green Bluff and did the corn maze and other activities with the kids. It was seriously so much fun.

Lots of bouncy castles, a huge slide made out of (new, non-gross) sewer pipe, tons of stuff to climb on (including straw piles, mounds of tires, and a rope “spider web” that the kids loved), wagon rides, “cow cars” pulled over an obstacle course by a super-fast ATV, a go-cart track . . . and, of course, the corn maze. You name it, this place has it all!!

I, for one, am grateful that summer is over. The scorching hot, bone-dry days of late summer have long since worn their welcome and we are enjoying the cooler days and even cooler nights. And summer is just always so darn busy. I am looking forward to cooler, shorter days, where we can actually relax and enjoy what we’ve worked so hard for all summer long.

Happy fall, y’all!

Xoxo ~ all of us at Moose Poop Acres

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