First Snow

It’s here! The first snow of the year arrived on Friday afternoon.

Even though we know we have many long months of snow ahead, that fresh powder in mid-November is always exciting somehow.

It’s been pretty chilly here the last few weeks, dipping down into the ‘teens in at night. We’ve been waking up to sparkly frost on the meadow grass for some time.


But the other day, we actually started to get a few flurries!


It flurried for most of the afternoon, and actually started to accumulate.


I picked the kids up early from preschool Friday so they could get a jump start on their snowy weekend. They came home and straightaway wanted to make snow angels and build snowmen.

We woke up Saturday morning and even more snow had fallen during the night, so we spend all day Saturday hiking in the snow (up to the owl box to visit Sally – previous blog post: The Visitor), identifying the snowy animal paw prints (elk, deer, rabbit, wild turkey)

,  sledding, and having snowball fights.

Putting all that energy to good use.
He is so proud that he has his very own snow shovel this year. He’ll have plenty of opportunities to use it, that’s for sure!!

It’s starting to feel like the holidays around here.


And in the spirit of the holidays, we also baked lots of sugar cookies, which the kids decorated in garish colors of frosting.

Baking with Nana
Pink frosting and sprinkles galore.
Sugar cookie kids.
Emory favored the pink frosting . . .
While Gavin opted for green (a superior color in his mind – he has already requested green frosting for his birthday cake this year).

When we came inside to warm up, there was lots of playing dress-up in mommy and daddy’s clothes, and general silliness.

“Wearing daddy’s coat”
Sparkly party dress + Chucks and a silly face. An Emory Scout classic.

All in all, it was a great weekend.

Lots of active outdoor time exploring in the freshly fallen snow, which makes everything feel exciting and new.

We here at Moose Poop Acres are ready for lots of snow and winter fun!
















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