Do the Butt Dance!

My kids have me very well trained. No, it’s NOT the other day around, sadly. My children are adorable, loving, smart –  and completely feral. (They do say please and thank you, because they’re smart enough to know that’s how they get what they want – but the manners basically end there.) Our morning routine is…Read more »

The 529

I got a notice this morning – actually two of them – in my email inbox. “Your College Savings Plan Statement is now available!” I sometimes forget, but I set up one account for Gavin, one for Scout, when they were born, through the Oregon College Savings Plan (we were living there at the time). I got a sinking…Read more »


My daughter is a force of nature. Scout is 2 1/2 – she’ll be 3 at the end of May. Her hair is wild, unkempt, wavy. She has a cherubic smile and chubby cheeks with one dimple on the right and no dimple on the left. She is full of life, vivacious and energetic – she dances and sings…Read more »