I love pie. It is, by far, my favorite dessert. It doesn’t have any of that disgusting, sickeningly sweet icing that makes most cakes inedible (in my humble opinion). And crust! Oh my god, crust – that dreamy blend of butter, salt (& sugar sometimes) all perfectly suspended in a delicate flour conveyance. I FREAKING LOVE…Read more »

Snow in April

You know what sucks? When – after a long, cold, snowy winter – spring finally arrives, just to be snatched out of your hands again. The snow finally melts, just to be replaced with – you guessed it – more snow. That is what this April has been so far. Things were finally warming up…Read more »

New Home for Chickens

The chickens are growing by leaps and bounds (and by bounds, I mean, they are getting ready to bound out of their brooder cage). Their fluffy, baby-chick down is almost entirely gone, replaced by awkward-looking new feathers. They are goofy adolescents. They are voracious eaters (and subsequently, prolific poopers – my husband calls them “little…Read more »